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Whether you are new to the web, or have been here for quite a while, its always good to start on Google and see whats new. By using a few of their free tools, you can get stats on your current web presence and see whats hurting and helping you. Just check out Google Analytics, and they’ll give you the details on whether or not your site is mobile friendly, the source of your traffic, and how your site compares to others. Saving money while your optimizing is always a plus and most of what you can utilize through Google is free.

If you don’t have a website.

If you don’t have a website, and have little to no familiarity with creating one, no problem. There is no better time to be in this field than now. With powerful web creating platforms like Weebly, WordPress and a ton of others, being an online professional is easy. In fact I self taught myself most of what I will share with you on this page, by simply leveraging the power of the internet, and Googling that which I did not know, and I would recommend you do the same. Start by Googling a couple of those platforms today and see what works for you. In subsequent posts I will layout how to get them rocking and rolling, but for the time being Weebly is very intuitive and easy to use. Not to mention they have built in designs that will help to optimize your website for the search engines without you even having to do anything. Oh I forgot to mention they have a version thats free, of course that will mean your domain will have a .weebly on it, but hey free is free while your getting started. So check it out today.

Get a domain. 

A domain is simply the name of your web page. If you don’t have one, then this should be one of your first steps. Decide roughly what you want your web page to be named and then head over to one of the registrars (GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc) and pick one up. You may have to play around for a moment if your first choice is already taken, but search until you find what you like. Keep in mind that for search ability .com/.org/.net in that order tend to rank better. They will try and sell you on a myriad of different .somethings but no need to buy all the variations like .vegas .diapers or what have you. I typically just get the .com or whats available, but if you plan to blow this site up then you may want the bundle .net/.org they offer. Use your own discretion. But make sure to get your domain before someone else does.

If any of this seemed confusing feel free to contact me to clarify. Stay posted for more.

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