poptopranks.com eternity


We’ll here we are, together at last. United by coincidence, or chance.  Or perhaps something greater and more powerful. Fate? It’s hard to say, may be it was for a reason? What were the odds you would stumble across my site in the midst of millions of other options? There couldn’t be anything powerful enough to orchestrate that kind of coincidence. Well truthfully it was by design, you could call it a higher power, or fate, or what have you. I usually call it Google, or Yahoo, or Bing. But the higher power of the internet wheres many faces. However, they all respond to the same offerings. Learn to pay your respects and you shall be rewarded.

Join us on our journey to become one with the search engines, and become online jedi’s who control their own fate. Your body is mortal, but your web presence is eternal. Voyage with us into eternity.

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