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If your not familiar with social media than I presume you have been under a rock for a the past 10 years.

Social media has essentially pioneered a new age in the online world. Changing how people act, interact and how they see themselves. Whether or not you use social media for your personal life is not my concern, in this article I want to emphasize the importance of using it for your business.

1.) First off, social media is another way to create presence for your company on search engines like Google. When a potential customer is searching for your business or a service you offer, social media pages can come up on these search engines. So beyond just your web page showing up on the Google, your Facebook or Twitter page may show up as well. This creates multiple avenues to your business online and promotes overall web presence.

2.) People are on social media. Whether or not you personally are on these social platforms, millions of others are. With innovative ways of getting your customers attention on social media, you surely don’t want to miss out on the huge market that uses these social services.

3.) Social Media can be fun. There are tons of creative ways you can show personality and be creative to reach out to customers. Talk about current promotions, share fun pictures, talk about the news, get peoples attention. Often times when business get involved in social media they begin to really like it, but be careful of spending too much time on it.

4.) Work your warm base. Once you get your business into the social media sphere you may find that friends and close ones start to promote your business. You may even find that a lot of your friends and acquaintances never even knew about your business, but now they want to learn more.

5.) Connect with other business. By liking other business and connecting with other businesses you can build your chamber of commerce online for free. Business love to team up and help each other, get involved and meet some of these other businesses today.

6.) Advertise. Some of these platforms now allow you to advertise (Facebook). Being able to get in front of your social media audience may be the best use of your marketing dollar.

7.) Stay current. Since most people, and businesses use social media, you may seem in the dark or outdated if your not keeping up with this trend. Many people strictly use social media to search for things they like, so make sure you don’t miss out on this free business.

This won’t be the last time we talk about social media here, but before the subject comes up again please do yourself a favor and get in the loop. Start with Facebook to get your feet wet (make sure to post regularly) then make additions as you see fit. Look forward to see you in there!


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