Tips and Tricks (Navigation)

Hey again, I wanted make another quick tip and tricks post to give the beginners some food for thought as they begin to develop their new site. On this post I want to cover the value of internal links. In the web word there are a couple different types of links, ones where you link to other web pages or ones where you link internally to your own page. For this post I want to discuss the internal links that we use to link within our own site. For example if I were to link you back to the home page, by creating a link right here. By doing this I have created navigation paths on my web page that make it user friendly for you as a guest. It would be a pain in the neck if I included no links throughout my site, so getting back a to a previous page or post was almost impossible. Of course you could always type in the search bar, but it shouldn’t come to that for your guests. By creating internal links within your site that help navigate your users around the site, you will make the experience effortless and enjoyable for all your guests. In addition Google has been known to appreciate your functional formatting, and it should contribute to search engine visibility. Start off by making a couple links to your home page on different pages so your guests always are able to find their way back home. If you have any trouble with this always feel free to contact us (Oh look another link :)).

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