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Alright, today I want to talk about one of the most important aspects of the online world, offering value. The entire web world is built around this single idea, and it’s why the internet continues to prosper. Everyday millions of people pick up their mobile device or hop on their computer to seek out some form of information. Whether someone is curious to know the operating hours of a particular business, the scores from the previous days football game, or wants to know the best choice for a certain product or service, they go to the web find it out. The web is filled with limitless information and that’s why so many people choose to use the internet every single day. Knowing that people are seeking out pertinent and reliable information, search engines like Google will rank websites often times according to the quality of information they are offering a reader. This means the validity of the information given, the details supporting the information, and diagrams and images to clarify the information. This takes genuine effort, research and/or expertise on whatever subject you are discussing. Furthermore it is important the information is delivered in a clear and well articulated manner, void of spelling and grammatical errors. Though this takes time, it is a necessary component of your online efforts in order to get your web page in front of a large audience online.

I’ll give you an example of what it means to deliver value. I have a friend in Phoenix who has been asking me to help him locate a reputable pool remodel company online. He knows that I am familiar with the online world, and can spot out the trustworthy from the not so trust worthy fairly well. So upon doing my research and helping my friend locate a pool remodel company, I came across a stellar example of someone offering value online. While navigating through the search engines I came across and these guys were spot on with leading with value. Once I came across their site it was clear that they understood this concept of giving their viewers value. Their site is filled with a plethora of information regarding remodeling pools, so much so that it could be used as a reference source. They have all the information laid out so potential customers don’t not have to travel all across the web . They have compiled it conveniently so that they are essentially a one stop shop for people looking for information on remodeling a pool. Almost any question someone would have in regards to remodeling their pool is clearly answered throughout their web page. In fact just by browsing through the site I felt as though I almost became an expert on remodeling pools.  By offering this level of value they have made their web page valuable to readers, and a valuable asset on the web. For this, the search engines rewarded them by making them discoverable to those seeking this service, since the search engines knew users would find value in it.

The reward for offering value to readers who visit your site is getting ranked better on leading search engines. Google’s algorithm’s are constantly adapting to seek out value providing websites and put them at the top of the SERP’s (search engine results pages). This makes sense right? When you’re searching for something, don’t you hope that the search result you click on offers you the answer to every question you were seeking? Ideally you don’t want to search all over the internet and jump from page-to-page looking for the information you desire. Rather you hope to find a resource on the web that offers every thing you could want to know about that subject.

This does not necessarily happen over night and requires more work than most people are willing to put in. Many just want to throw up a haphazard web page and have it show up in the SERP’s, but that simply won’t happen. Google and other leading search engines (Yahoo, Bing) are invested heavily in the information the serve up to you. Their reputation directly correlates with the quality of information they can offer their users. If their reputation is diluted by the quality of information they provide their users then you can bet they will lose users, and eventually their reputation will deteriorate along with their revenue generated from ads. This is why they are heavily invested in the quality of information they provide to their users.

Knowing this, you should prioritize your efforts on offering your website visitors with the most value as possible. This may include offering tips & tricks, reviews, tutorials, and any other form of user value. It’s kind of like the concept of paying it forward. At first you put a lot of work into giving your readers something useful and valuable. The process will take a lot of work and effort on your part without you expecting to receive a lot from it. However in time, Google and other search engines will notice your good deeds and begin to reward you for them by ranking you in their SERP’s. You can think of it like online karma. The more good you do for the internet, the more it comes back to do good for you. Again, the process is not immediate but you will find that it will be the best use of your time here on the web.

It’s important to not again that your content and information that you offer should be well researched and thoroughly reviewed to ensure it does not include grammatical errors, or any mistakes of that nature. The information you provide should be approached like someone would approach a university research paper that they expect to receive a high grade for. Rather than a sloppy current event that a third grader would write (no offense third graders). It will certainly take time, but then again everything that is worth while takes time. Approach every post, page, or article you write with pride, knowing that it can be a resource for hundreds if not thousands of people for many years to come. You should always take pride in what you offer others on the web, and not look to cut corners or offer something you would not personally find great value in. The Phoenix pool remodel company that I mentioned earlier made the point to offer their viewers a wealth of information on pool remodeling services, and for that will be rewarded by the search engines for years to come. So take notes from others putting this to practice and find great ways to offer your potential viewers useful information, and lots of it.

Go out and offer the web your best!

Until next time.

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