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We’ve been hashing out a lot of important factors that influence the design of a website. From global emerging markets to cultural variables, the way a website is influenced by several factors.

The way a website is designed also influences many factors. These factors are core elements in the growth of businesses in today’s world.

As the digital market expands and defines the Era of Information, so does it expand the level of digital competition, options, and information, thus the term the ‘Information Era’.

All businesses need a website. A website is the virtual gateway to a business. It offers information on your company, the services or products you offer and ways to contact you.  You may even look at it as an online business card. People no longer want to carry hundreds of business cards in their wallet, or rememebr to save all the info in their phone. They can look you up by your web address, or even better yet, organically find you when searching the internet.By thinking you don’t need one, you limit the growth and awareness of your business. Online Search Engine Optimization(SEO),or Ranking, is a whole other topic that we will discuss at a future time. For now let’s focus on the foundational importance of a website for businesses today.

Important Factors of a website

  1. Mobile Friendly. This is one of the most important factors in setting up your website, or transferring an existing site to a responsive (mobile friendly) platform. The use of mobile devices exceeds the use of desktop computers. People use their phones as computers. Your website must be easily viewed, read, and navigated through from a mobile device. Five years ago this was not something even thought of. Today it is a necessity. A non mobile friendly website will even hurt your efforts to be discovered in Search Engines.
  2. Graphics/Images. High quality images and graphics are essential and contribute to the way people engage and take action on your website. Ryan, from RS Auto Salon in Seattle, says quality graphics & images really help people to step into your business through in online  door. He said that he himself is in the process of engaging his website visitors through graphic expression. It builds a connection with the way you display yourself, your business. Make sure your images/graphics are high resolution and files that are not too large. Large files will slow down the load speed of your site.
  3. Content. Speak to your audience. The content of your site goes hand and hand with having a responsive website. The content on your site gives you the opportunity to educate your audience, become the authority in your industry and provide value in the form of words.  Inform them, (website visitors), answer questions they may have, and promote them to take action in some form. This can be through a phone call or filling out a quote form, or signing up for a service.
  4. Contact. Make it easy for people to find how to contact you. Make your phone numbers click to call. This makes them “mobile friendly”, meaning someone can click the phone number form their mobile device to automatically call you. Have contact forms or quote forms on your website. Encourage people to reach out. If you have a great sales and customer service team, use them to build relationships and rapport with those that contact you.
  5. Simplicity. Do not over complicate or over design your website. It can be too much for people to take in and have the opposite effect, meaning they leave quickly, rather than hang out and check out what your saying and information on your business. Less is more when it comes to most things in life.

A mobile friendly website with creative content, high quality graphics and images, and a user friendly web design is an essential tool for business today. It encourages your online visitors to engage, interact and take the action that you most want them too!


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