What is this?

Poptopranks.com was born out of necessity. As the web moves into a new era, someone needs to be a compass for online users and enthusiasts. Designed to be a knowledge base for best practices online, as well as a forum for the who’s who of the online world. Poptopranks will quickly become your reference guide and online resource for what’s happening in the vastness of web-space. Stick with us as we unveil strategies for online formatting, and showcase case studies. As you are probably aware of, Google is constantly releasing new and improved algorithms that aim to improve the user experience for those using Google as their trusted search engine. After all Google is a business like any other and is seeking to constantly grow its user base generate higher and higher profits. If its users do not find Google’s search results relevant and helpful they will in the end stop using it. And if that were to be the case those sweet little ads or adwords that they profit greatly of of would be a lost income source and ultimately drive the company out of business. So you bet they will work day and night to provide their users with an experience that will keep them coming back, understandably so. Knowing this, it should be your job as an online enthusiasts or professional, to comply with and exceed the standards Google sets, to stay in good standings with them, and also make the web a better experience for all.

Just as I would like all humans to care for and respect the planet, I likewise appreciate when all web users care for and respect the web. One thing you will not find here is ugly, spamy tactics, or what I refer to as “liter”. Since the web is a powerful and beautiful platform, I want to keep it that way, and like I said, Google will slap you for it anyway. So as you will see, my posts are centered around long lasting strategies that will both contribute to better search rankings for you, but also a better experience for everyone using the web.

Follow our post, and join the community here at poptopranks. As always, its nice to meet new friends. Welcome!