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Offer Value To The Web

Alright, today I want to talk about one of the most important aspects of the online world, offering value. The entire web world is built around this single idea, and it’s why the internet continues to prosper. Everyday millions of people pick up their mobile device or hop on their computer to seek out some form of information. Whether someone is curious to know the operating hours of a particular business, the scores from the previous days football game, or wants to know the best choice for a certain product or service, they go to the web find it out. The web is filled with limitless information and that’s why so many people choose to use the internet every single day. Knowing that people are seeking out pertinent and reliable information, search engines like Google will rank websites often times according to the quality of information they are offering a reader. This means the validity of the information given, the details supporting the information, and diagrams and images to clarify the information. This takes genuine effort, research and/or expertise on whatever subject you are discussing. Furthermore it is important the information is delivered in a clear and well articulated manner, void of spelling and grammatical errors. Though this takes time, it is a necessary component of your online efforts in order to get your web page in front of a large audience online.

I’ll give you an example of what it means to deliver value. I have a friend in Phoenix who has been asking me to help him locate a reputable pool remodel company online. He knows that I am familiar with the online world, and can spot out the trustworthy from the not so trust worthy fairly well. So upon doing my research and helping my friend locate a pool remodel company, I came across a stellar example of someone offering value online. While navigating through the search engines I came across and these guys were spot on with leading with value. Once I came across their site it was clear that they understood this concept of giving their viewers value. Their site is filled with a plethora of information regarding remodeling pools, so much so that it could be used as a reference source. They have all the information laid out so potential customers don’t not have to travel all across the web . They have compiled it conveniently so that they are essentially a one stop shop for people looking for information on remodeling a pool. (more…)

mobile responsive

Mobile Responsive

Lets touch on an important point that most of you are probably aware of, or can probably guess is an important element of web presence – mobile responsive websites. You might have noticed that just about everyone these days has a cell phone, tablet, or some variation of the two, and most of them use these devices to search the web. Unfortunately most of what users are searching for these days is not mobile responsive, even though much of what people use to search the internet is a mobile device. So it is our responsibility as practitioners of the web to offer our users a responsive mobile experience. Building a mobile responsive site is not inherently that difficult, in fact most platforms that are designed for beginners have mobile friendly themes built right into them.

Here’s a handful of reasons why your website needs to be mobile friendly.  (more…)


Social Media

If your not familiar with social media than I presume you have been under a rock for a the past 10 years.

Social media has essentially pioneered a new age in the online world. Changing how people act, interact and how they see themselves. Whether or not you use social media for your personal life is not my concern, in this article I want to emphasize the importance of using it for your business.

1.) First off, social media is another way to create presence for your company on search engines like Google. When a potential customer is searching for your business or a service you offer, social media pages can come up on these search engines. So beyond just your web page showing up on the Google, your Facebook or Twitter page may show up as well. This creates multiple avenues to your business online and promotes overall web presence.



Get Involved

Pay It forward..

One of my biggest suggestions for those that are joining the online community is to get involved. Act in ways that you wish others would act towards you. I have a friend who owned a restaurant for many years, and she told me that she loved when guests gave her positive reviews on yelp. Before she said that, I never really thought to give reviews on yelp, in fact I didn’t even have a yelp account. However, I ate out all the time, and would rate and discuss my thoughts between friends, but I never did with the greater online community. So after she shared that with me, I started rating tons of places I visited on yelp. Good or bad, but mostly good; I wanted to contribute to the online community and get involved. I’m in this space professionally so I figured I better get involved in this space recreationally, and plus its paying it forward, the more you give, the more you get. Once I started doing this, I almost felt that karma started to help some of my other online projects. So now I go around liking business on Facebook, dropping positive reviews on yelp and Google+ and talking online about great experiences.

In fact, just recently, me and some friends flew out to Arizona for a friends birthday to go sky diving. Yes skydiving. I wasn’t too excited about it, because I am terrified of heights, but I was willing to take one for the team. To cool down my nerves however, I made sure that there was enough other entertainment going on to distract me from our final destination. So I made sure we had dinner plans, drinking destinations, and a couple clubs lined up for the day before our sky diving expedition. What really took my focus off the sky diving however was renting a limousine to take us around the town while we liquored up and had a good time. I didn’t think much of this because we have rented limos as a group numerous times before and it just sort of seems like the norm when we go out as a big group. But this was different, we rented a limo from and these guys were worlds apart from previous companies we went through. From the driver to the actual limo, to the follow up call we received the next day asking about how the service was, it was just unreal. By the time sky diving came around the following day, I didn’t have one ounce of fear because of how in awe I was of the great night we had the day before.




Monetizing your web page

I know that for most of my visitors this subject is going to be of interest at one point or another. Whatever subject that you cover, whether it be cooking, shopping, cleaning, sports or what have you, monetization can become an integral part of your website. We spend so much time creating and designing our sites that we might as well make money on them, right? Like wise, most of us have specialized knowledge on the subject that we cover on our sites so we are qualified to make suggestions on products or services to our website visitors. Additionally, there exist huge opportunity for affiliate marketing opportunities online these days.


Tips and Tricks (Content)


Hey guys, I just wanted to make a quick post to inform you of the power of content as you get started. I understand writing is not everyones strong suite, me included, but it is something that will make a difference when trying to get your web page in front of a broader audience. I don’t necessarily mean grammar, spelling or any of that. But rather quantity and quality. When beginning a web page or editing an old one, content should be at the forefront of your concerns. Making sure you have abundant content that is relevant to your topic is crucial in showing up in the Google organic rankings. Like I said on our about page, Google wants to supply their users with relevant and meaningful search results. One way Google determines how relevant you are is based on what you write. For years people in this industry have tried to cut corners and include keywords in footers and in random places on their web page, but this strategy is old and ineffective. The best way to rank for these targeted keywords will always be to write authoritative and elaborate content about them. And you should be as concerned about your users experience as Google is. None of your visitors will want to read poorly written snippets. They may not always read the novels you write, but if their well written there is a chance they will, either on their first visit, or in possible later visits. Make your content a resource to your readers and Google will know your authoritative and be pressed to rank you better..I promise. Writing can be fun, just change how you see it. Cheers for now!


Getting Started


Whether you are new to the web, or have been here for quite a while, its always good to start on Google and see whats new. By using a few of their free tools, you can get stats on your current web presence and see whats hurting and helping you. Just check out Google Analytics, and they’ll give you the details on whether or not your site is mobile friendly, the source of your traffic, and how your site compares to others. Saving money while your optimizing is always a plus and most of what you can utilize through Google is free.