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I know that for most of my visitors this subject is going to be of interest at one point or another. Whatever subject that you cover, whether it be cooking, shopping, cleaning, sports or what have you, monetization can become an integral part of your website. We spend so much time creating and designing our sites that we might as well make money on them, right? Like wise, most of us have specialized knowledge on the subject that we cover on our sites so we are qualified to make suggestions on products or services to our website visitors. Additionally, there exist huge opportunity for affiliate marketing opportunities online these days.

Did you know you can make money off Amazon products? 

Simply register as an associate on Amazon and you can make money off recommending any of their products online. Once you register, you will have access to an affiliate link that you simply paste on your page, which will be associated with your account if someone decides to make a purchase. This way of monetizing ones website has resulted in massive incomes for certain online marketers. I have included one down below, so you can check it out.

You would be surprised by how many ways there is to monetize your site.

So just as I shared, affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative way to monetize your site. But there are also other methods that online marketers and normal bloggers and site owners use to make a little extra cash. Here are just a few that you can explore in greater detail, if you want to get started on monetizing your web page today.

  1. Affiliate marketing – I’ve officially said too much about affiliate marketing, but this a great way to get started on monetizing your website
  2. Sell adds or add space – There are tons of companies that will pay you to advertise on your web page. Obviously the more authority your web page has online the more they will be willing to pay, just as advertisers will pay big bucks to advertise on the Super Bowl because there is such a large audience. Be mindful of this however because you want to maintain a clean look on your page, and do not want to whore it out to advertisers.
  3. Pay per click – This has become quite a popular method of monetizing websites in the past 5 years especially with the rise of Adsense by Google. With this style of monetization you will have adds display on your page, and you will get paid for every time someone clicks on your on-page-add. How much you get paid ranges based on the add and how much traffic your site gets, but this can be a very lucrative way to make extra cash.
  4. Ask for donations  – Often times the online community creates a lot of value for readers. I know that I reference certain sights all the time, and would be SOL without them. Some of these sights offer donation buttons to their guests where you can donate for the value it has given you. For some of you who are offering valuable and time consuming content to your readers, offer them a donate button. I think you’ll be surprised by how often people pay it forward, and give back for what you have given them. There are plugins that make it easy to attach a donate button to a WordPress sight.
  5. Sell Your Products – Many of you are probably crafty and trying to sell your own products or services. This may be the easiest of all forms because it is very genuine and to the point. Whether you sell candles or personal training sessions this is easily monetized through the use of simple plugins.

So start by brain storming and see if there are ways that you would like to monetize your sight, and look further into the different options…there are tons! Even if monetizing is not for you, now you know a little more about it. Happy Web Building!

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