Tips and Tricks (Navigation)

Hey again, I wanted make another quick tip and tricks post to give the beginners some food for thought as they begin to develop their new site. On this post I want to cover the value of internal links. In the web word there are a couple different types of links, ones where you link to other web pages or ones where you link internally to your own page. For this post I want to discuss the internal links that we use to link within our own site. For example if I were to link you back to the home page, by creating a link right here. By doing this I have created navigation paths on my web page that make it user friendly for you as a guest. It would be a pain in the neck if I included no links throughout my site, so getting back a to a previous page or post was almost impossible. Of course you could always type in the search bar, but it shouldn’t come to that for your guests. By creating internal links within your site that help navigate your users around the site, you will make the experience effortless and enjoyable for all your guests. In addition Google has been known to appreciate your functional formatting, and it should contribute to search engine visibility. Start off by making a couple links to your home page on different pages so your guests always are able to find their way back home. If you have any trouble with this always feel free to contact us (Oh look another link :)).

Tips and Tricks (Content)


Hey guys, I just wanted to make a quick post to inform you of the power of content as you get started. I understand writing is not everyones strong suite, me included, but it is something that will make a difference when trying to get your web page in front of a broader audience. I don’t necessarily mean grammar, spelling or any of that. But rather quantity and quality. When beginning a web page or editing an old one, content should be at the forefront of your concerns. Making sure you have abundant content that is relevant to your topic is crucial in showing up in the Google organic rankings. Like I said on our about page, Google wants to supply their users with relevant and meaningful search results. One way Google determines how relevant you are is based on what you write. For years people in this industry have tried to cut corners and include keywords in footers and in random places on their web page, but this strategy is old and ineffective. The best way to rank for these targeted keywords will always be to write authoritative and elaborate content about them. And you should be as concerned about your users experience as Google is. None of your visitors will want to read poorly written snippets. They may not always read the novels you write, but if their well written there is a chance they will, either on their first visit, or in possible later visits. Make your content a resource to your readers and Google will know your authoritative and be pressed to rank you better..I promise. Writing can be fun, just change how you see it. Cheers for now!


Getting Started


Whether you are new to the web, or have been here for quite a while, its always good to start on Google and see whats new. By using a few of their free tools, you can get stats on your current web presence and see whats hurting and helping you. Just check out Google Analytics, and they’ll give you the details on whether or not your site is mobile friendly, the source of your traffic, and how your site compares to others. Saving money while your optimizing is always a plus and most of what you can utilize through Google is free.

(more…) eternity


We’ll here we are, together at last. United by coincidence, or chance.  Or perhaps something greater and more powerful. Fate? It’s hard to say, may be it was for a reason? What were the odds you would stumble across my site in the midst of millions of other options? There couldn’t be anything powerful enough to orchestrate that kind of coincidence. Well truthfully it was by design, you could call it a higher power, or fate, or what have you. I usually call it Google, or Yahoo, or Bing. But the higher power of the internet wheres many faces. However, they all respond to the same offerings. Learn to pay your respects and you shall be rewarded.

Join us on our journey to become one with the search engines, and become online jedi’s who control their own fate. Your body is mortal, but your web presence is eternal. Voyage with us into eternity.