Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets

Perhaps one of the biggest Global forces that is affecting web design is that of emerging markets. With international commerce taking the reigns with online businesses one thing is certain, the amount of people you reach with your websites is ever growing, and vastly. While this indeed has potential to offer a great boost in your business there are also some downfalls that come along with it.  For one with a larger market to target and the accessibility of the web, we have a lot more businesses creating online markets and responsive websites.  Because of this factor we also see that the competition for customers is also a very real and big thing.  Next, with so many businesses out there in the online marketing world, we also have to think about raw materials. It was at one time easier to purchase your raw materials for your business because the competition wasn’t as strong.  Now with so many people resorting to the ease and abundant accessibility of online marketing there are also a lot more businesses that are similar, if not the same, as yours competing for the availability of the same materials.  

So while we are thankful and happy that we as business owners are able to get out there and market our products internationally. It is important that we also factor in the set backs as well. This allows for better preparation and advanced market penetrations.

However, with the development of technology and science ever growing we can count on the fact that there will possibly be new solutions to our problems.  When these solutions will come to light is another story.

My advice to those who find themselves caught up in the world of emerging markets and international commerce, is to target a generalized area that you, for lack of a better word, monopolize.  What you are looking for as a business owner is to make sure you stay consistent with your product availability and if you do have back orders that they are filled in the most timely like manner.  Stay organized and ahead of the game when it comes to ordering your raw materials.  Do research to see what the availability of the most coveted materials are that pertain to you and your business.  Stay organized when it comes to inventory and on hand availability.  

With International commerce leading the online marketing industry we need to think cultural effects. Make sure your product and services are better then the next.  Customer service is perhaps just as important if not more than the actual product themselves.  Educate yourself on international business customs.  When doing business internationally it is important you know the different cultural variables that are included in business.  What we may deem as ok in our own culture someone else may deem as wrong.  It is important to stay sharp and without bias or opinion in the international business world. Go into it with the respect for others that you wish them to have for you.  China for example has one way of conducting business as do Americans.  Show you understand their customs.  You are the provider of your product and they are the consumer.  Establishing good business relationships and leading with value is the fast track to being successful, whether that be digitally, or in person.

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